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PC Simulators

Sharp's Simulation Software has been specifically written to be a powerful aid to support your teaching. A stylised, clear and easy to read image of the calculator keyboard and display is presented on the PC screen. Point and Click the PC mouse to select and activate the keys of the image - the display will show the correct response.

The Sharp PC Simulation Software enables all the functions of the calculator to be exactly replicated on a PC. It is now possible to get all your students, all at the same time, to follow the techniques of using scientific calculators. With Sharp's PC Simulation software you can show the steps in solving a problem via your PC and a data projector. With an interactive whiteboard, touch-key teaching is a reality: students can demonstrate their own solutions and the whole class is involved.

The Sharp PC Simulation Software enables you to capture easily with a single click, the calculator screen displays and to use these images in class notes, homework sheets or as a summary at the end of the class.

Description Format Date
PC simulator EL-W531XH/XG zip 13.06.2017
PC simulator EL-W550XG zip 13.06.2017
PC simulator EL-510RT zip 19.10.2018
PC simulator EL-531TH zip 13.06.2017
PC simulator EL-531TG zip 13.06.2017
PC simulator EL-520TG zip 13.06.2017
PC simulator EL-506TS zip 13.06.2017
PC simulator EL-W531TL zip 19.10.2018
PC simulator EL-W531TH zip 13.06.2017
PC simulator EL-W531TG zip 13.06.2017
PC simulator EL-W506T zip 13.06.2017
PC simulator EL-9950G zip 13.06.2017

Here you can find worksheets with exercises for pupils and students who will find their applications in your math lessons. Worksheets have been created for the EL-W531XH/XG calculator but can also be fully used for the EL-W506X and EL-W550XG. All materials are in PDF format.

Classroom Activities

Activities to help you begin using Sharp technology in your classroom. 

Description Format Date
EL W-531 Scientific Calculator Operation Guide pdf March 2007
EL-531W Scientific Calculator Operation Guide pdf March 2007

Product Video Tutorials

Get started using your SHARP products with interactive tutorials on WriteView calculations, functions and key operations, data correction, and more. Available only in German language.