Terms of use

Terms of use

MORAVIA Consulting spol. s r.o. continually strives to provide current, comprehensive and correct information on these Internet pages. Before acting on any information provided on this website, however, you should obtain further advice from a specialist dealer or one of our employees.

1. Use of images, text and downloads
All contents of this website, especially images, text and graphics, are protected by copyright, trademark right or competition law. This can also apply where the threshold of originality required for copyright protection is not deemed to have been achieved. Downloading material and copying it to others for purely private purposes must only be done with express and written authorisation from ourselves in advance. In the event of improper use of contents provided by us, all legal measures are reserved.

The user manuals and handbooks which are available on our website for download are particularly subject to copyright protection. Individual user manuals may be downloaded for purely personal use. All further copying beyond this level and transmission to third parties is forbidden, especially for commercial purposes or for used appliances. Any breach of this may be subject to claims for damages, or may even constitute a criminal offence.

The software available on our websites has been checked for functionality and the absence of viruses. This is classed as freeware, which can only be passed to third parties with the authorisation of MORAVIA Consulting spol. s r.o.. Liability for freeware is considerably restricted in comparison with that for bought software in line with the specifications.

The user is only entitled to use the software on the operating system indicated if the minimum requirements for the hardware have been met.

MORAVIA Consulting spol. s r.o. undertakes liability for ensuring this its services are not subject to third-party property rights, and releases the user from all legitimate third party claims. Should a third party assert a claim against the user that a service would be damaging to their rights, the user must inform MORAVIA Consulting spol. s r.o. immediately in writing. Where legally permissible, MORAVIA Consulting spol. s r.o. is entitled to enter the process and repel the claim that has been asserted. If a service should damage the rights of a third party, however, the user will immediately cease to use the software.

MORAVIA Consulting spol. s r.o. is furthermore only liable for wilful or grossly negligent breaches of duty, unless this results in damage to a person's body, health or life. All further claims by the user for damages are excluded. This does not affect liability in accordance with the Product Liability Act.

In the event of loss of data, MORAVIA Consulting spol. s r.o. is only liable where the data backup is carried out by a dedicated data backup system.

3. External links
MORAVIA Consulting spol. s r.o. is not liable for websites outside the domain of www.sharp-calculators.com. The opening of a new window indicates that a link has been created to an external Internet site. We cannot exclude the possibility that the operator has subsequently altered the contents of the site to which the link leads. No subsequent checks are made of external websites. Should you be offended by the contents of linked websites, please inform us so that we can remove the links if necessary.

4. Trademarks / copyrights
"Sharp" is the registered trademark of Sharp Corporation, Osaka, Japan.

All brands, logos, internet addresses, product or model descriptions referring to products or services belonging to Sharp Corporation or to firms linked to Sharp Corporation are trademarks, and belong to Sharp Corporation or to firms linked to Sharp Corporation. The list of trademarks and company indicators is not exhaustive, and the omission of a trademark on these websites does not indicate a renunciation of their protection.

The use, and particularly the amendment, of Sharp Corporation symbols/brands is prohibited, unless previous written authorisation has been given by Sharp Corporation or the authorisation is laid down by law (not used as a trademark).

Other product and company descriptions that are used on this website may be trademarks belonging to the relevant owner, and these are expressly recognised as such.

5. Amendments and errors
MORAVIA Consulting spol. s r.o. is entitled to amend the products, website, customer service, services, programme and these terms of use at any time, with or without prior notice. In the event of long-term obligations, the user will receive an e-mail notification of the amendment. Where customers have an existing relationship with MORAVIA Consulting spol. s r.o., the customer is entitled to object to the amendment within 30 days in the event of an amendment to a long-term obligation. Should an objection be made, MORAVIA Consulting spol. s r.o. may terminate the contractual relationship within 14 days.